Monday, February 3, 2014



"I'll do it my way." seems to be theme among golf course owners and managers. Why not use my experience and endless successes applying my proven management methods? Pick up the phone and call me for a free consultation: 941-739-3990, or write:

Look at samples of my successes:

I managed a 27-hole golf course in Sarasota, Florida, Oak Ford Golf Club, 27-holes, while it was in C-11 bankruptcy. Without  interference from the owner (I was hired by the Fed), I was able to apply my methods without interference. It about 18-months. In the beginning I had no (zero) money to work with, no credit line, no trade credit, no cash in the bank. I made it work.

Here's my results while running Oak Ford Golf Club:

  • Annual rounds from 48,000 to as high as 84,000
  • Revenue from $1,495,000 to $2,200,000
  • Earnings from $0 to $700,000

Here's a few other successes:

A 900-member private club, Orange Park Country Club, Jacksonville, Florida. I was hired to conduct the new owner's diligence, transition, then managed the business briefly. The new owner received an offer of more than $1 million more than he paid for club less than a year earlier. Sold!

I managed another Jacksonville resort golf course, The famous Ravines Golf Resort, Middleburg, Florida, for less than one year. My plan was successful in increasing rounds and revenue sufficient to draw attention from another investor who gladly paid my short term owner over $1 million profit. The subsequent owner reversed all my strategies, "I'll do it my wayyyyyy!"  and lasted less than two years. He walked away left the bank holding the bag. The course grew in. Here's a picture I took of the famous 9th hole looking back from the completely mildewed and ruined clubhouse:

I managed a 36-hole golf course, The Eagles, in Tampa, Florida, while in foreclosure proceedings from B of A for its $5.2 million mortgage. My methods increased rounds and revenue, but I went through the operation with a fine tooth comb and found waste and inefficiency in every nook and cranny of the place. By the time my methods were implemented we were at a pace to do almost $4 million in sales on 100,000 rounds and close to $1 million in net earnings. A buyer came along and offered $9.2 million for the place. Sold!

I was consultant and adviser to Belleview Biltmore Golf Club, Clearwater, Florida, for the previous owner in 2010 - 2012. The ownership I advised for paid $1 million (equivalent) for the Donald Ross designed golf course and sold it to the City of Belleair for $3.4 million in 2012.

I am currently advising a fine 18-hole golf course, Indigo Lakes Golf Club in Daytona Beach, Florida. Acquired in late May (2013), with an outstanding management team, and after getting the 'feel' of it's marketplace, we went to market in August. Results: August rounds are up 365% and revenues up almost 400% over August the previous year. No! Those are not type errors!

My management methods are proven time and time again. My strategy is aggressive, tenacious, experienced, and 100% successful. I don't care if the market is saturated. I'll get more than my share players on a golf course under my care. It's not magic. I use an almost endless attention to detail, employee behaviors, and timeless proven every-day business sense.

My fees? Negotiable depending on the scope of the work and time involved. Be assured, my fees are very reasonable.